21 Oca 2019

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I’m gluten intolerance.

I used to eat breads almost everyday
I’ve been always suffering indigestion,
when I ate breads it got worse
I thought that was just normal and how my body worked with breads

Later then I got to know I just can't digest gluten or it takes at least 2 days to digest
Since I’ve been trying not to eat foods made of flour like breads, pizza, pasta etc I realized it’s really hard to live in Korea

There aren't many restaurants for gluten-free eaters or vegans
Even we barely can find out gluten-free stuffs at marts
Even though it isn't easy it’s worth it.
Because of I haven't had an upset stomach since then

I used to be the one who loved breads more than rice
When I really want to eat breads I take gluten digests and eat the power which is made of mixed bean, sesame, perilla power
They will help your digestion

bu doğru görünüyor mu?

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