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Q: 1. Zhongshan City lends its name to the great man of Sun Zhongshan.
2. Qinghai Lake, the largest salt-water lake in China, lends its name to the province of Qinghai.
I have these 2 sentences on Chinese grammar book, but I think it’s inconsistent with its logic. Actually, Sun Zhongshan is a famous person in China history, so the city “Zhongshan city” got its name in memory of Sun Zhongshan after he passed away. And Qinghai Lake is an ancient lake in Tang Dynasty, and the modern province “Qinghai” names after the lake. I am learning the short phrase “lend its name to”, I think the first sentence is wrong, it should be “Sun Zhongshan (a person’s name) lends his name to the famous city Zhongshan city, but I feel it sounds very weird. Could you please help me? It’s from a Chinese textbook idk why there is a mistake on it, or am I wrong? 🥺🥺
A: So, the textbook should instead say, "Zhongshan City gets its name from...." or "Zhongshan City got its name from...." or "Zhongshan City was named for...." and there are a few other ways to correctly state it. Oh, well, nobody is perfect; not even school textbooks contain mistakes. I'm glad you know enough of the history about the Zhongshans to catch the error.

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