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Q: Zhenzhen, from the Moon Class, whose daily living needs assistance from others due to the physical disability. Recently her habit of sucking fingers was very frequently, we tried so many ways to prevent or ease this habit. such as smeared tomato juice on her fingers but she wiped it on her clothes and then continued sucking, she didn’t stop even when her hands’ skin became white bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: "Whose daily living needs need assistance from others due to her physical disability"
"Recently, her habit of sucking her fingers has become more frequent"
"To prevent and ease this habit"
"Such as smearing tomato juice"
"But she just wipes it on her clothes and then continues" I'd leave out sucking here since it's kinda redundant but it wouldn't be wrong if you did
"She didn't even stop when the skin of her hands because white" what you had originally was fine but this way flows better

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