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Q: Can yio help my please? ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: 1) "lost" and "just lost" because they talk about things that have happened.
2) "worked" and "decided" for the same reason above.
3) "have been" and "have come" because they both talk about things that have happened but not finished yet.
4) "Have you seen" because they think that something has happened but has not finished yet, and "left" because it has already happened.
5) "will have" and "will catch" because these will happen in the future.
6) "never ate" and "ate" because this has already happened.
7) "hope" because it is already happening, and "cooked" because it already has happened.
8) "reach" because it is happening, and "will not be" because it will happen.
9) "saw" and "waited" because they already happened.

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