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Q: wonderin' ne anlama geliyor?
A: to feel surprise, curious or be at doubt about something or someone

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Q: ♪I know you're wonderin' why♪
♪Because you're able to be♪
♪Just you and me within these walls♪

These are the lyrics from "Rewrite the Stars"(The Greatest Showman)
I found it interesting to see "within" was used like that.

So my questions are Why not just "in"? What would "in these walls" sound like?
A: I think it’s because “within” sounds more poetic than “in”.

Also “in” might mean “inside the walls” like where the pipes and wires are. Although in the case of this song, I think people would understand that’s not the meaning intended.

“Within these walls” might also be a lexical bundle. This means words that are usually found together. I searched how common “within these walls” and “in these walls” are and “within these walls” is more common.

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