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Q: What they're trying to do is acquire the veneer of sophistication. ne anlama geliyor?
A: They are trying to seem sophisticated.

Veneer is a clear, shiny coating on furniture / wood floor / etcetera.

So a veneer of sophistication is the appearance of being enlightened, trendy, up to date, high-minded, high-class / not a simpleton or fool or dullard / not a bafoon / not low brow / not in poor taste.

그들은 다른 사람들에게 잘 교양 한 것처럼 보이고 싶다.
(미안해요. 제 한국어는 별로 잘 못해요.)
Q: veneer y to veneer ne anlama geliyor?
A: Veneer is a very thin (decorative) layer of a material(usually scarce or expensive) which is applied to another surface to improve the appearance. For example a thin layer of ebony is applied to a cheaper variety of wood to give a luxurious appearance.

A bright white layer of (faux) enamel is applied to teeth to give a glowing healthy smile

To veneer - to add a layer of veneer
Q: maintain a veneer of normalcy ne anlama geliyor?
A: “Veneer of normalcy” is a saying that expresses a desire to keep things normal or the same. It is an ancient saying. If you said this in conversation most people would not know what you’re talking about it. I recommend not using it.
Q: to take a veneer off something. ne anlama geliyor?
A: A "veneer" is a piece of plastic or wood that makes something made of cheap PCB or plastic look far better in quality. The idiom "to take a veneer off" means, "to remove the outer layer (usually metaphorical) to see the worse quality underneath".

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Q: veneer ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: Do you mean veneers like the porcelain molds that go over your teeth to make them look good? If so,

Many celebrities have veneers to make their smiles look perfect.

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Q: I'll strip away your veneer of power. bu doğru görünüyor mu?
what are you trying to say? it's okay for a metaphor. It's ok for writting.
Q: Gently used and clean. But the veneer is coming off the top of one side. It would be a quick fix with some glue. (I sell a rack) bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: thanks!
Q: Underneath the veneer of communism, North Korea relies on the market system.
bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: It's good formal prose for essays - it reads somewhat too formal for casual conversation

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