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Q: Can you think of any green vegetables?

What does “think of” mean?

Does it mean “Can you name any green vegetables?” ??

Thank you 🙏
ne anlama geliyor?
A: Yes it means can you name any green vegetables
Q: sustainably grown vegetables ne anlama geliyor?
A: That is a good question! Sustainable is a popular word. i'm not really sure, but I think it means you can grow the vegetables without depleting the soil and without having to ad anything artificial to the growing environment.
Q: vegetable cupboard ne anlama geliyor?
A: this isn’t really a natural phrase in American English, could you give me the sentence or situation this is from?
Q: raw vegetables and cold cuts in French ne anlama geliyor?
A: À mon avis, "cold cut" est la charcuterie coupée en tranches, ou "buffet froid", ou même du rosbif dans certaines situations. Ça peut servir à préparer les sandwichs. "raw vegetables" sont des légumes crus et frais. Ils se trouvent dans toutes sortes de salades, ou dans un buffet de crudités, servis avec la trempette

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"I wish I ate more vegetable"
It' something that I don't usally do it.

If I want to say that I don't want to eat a lot because I do it using "wish" word, how would it be?

I "wish".... ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: Corrections...
"I wish I ate more *vegetables*"
* *It's* something that I don't usally do*."

"I wish I ate less"
"I wish I would eat less"
Q: vegetables, drop in, show off ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: I eat vegetables every night with dinner.

I thought I’d drop in on you to see how you were doing.

Look at how he’s driving! He’s such a show-off.
I love my new dress, I just want to show it off!
Q: I don't like vegetables I prefer meat ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: I hate broccoli, I'd rather eat steak.

I don't like to eat veggies, I like meat better.

I'm not an herbivore, I'm a carnivore.

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Q: vegetable ve vegetation arasındaki fark nedir?
A: vegetable is something you eat like peas, carrots and potatoes. vegetation is plants
Q: The vegetable products come from our own vegetable garden. ve The vegetable products come from our very own vegetable garden. arasındaki fark nedir?
A: Same meaning. However 2nd one usually used to add stronger meaning to where vegetables came from. Also don’t add “The” in front of vegetables
Q: vegetables ve greens arasındaki fark nedir?
A: They can be used in the same context.
"Eat your vegetables"
"Eat your greens"
However it relates to the colour of the vegetables, so it would be uncommon to refer to carrots as greens ☺️
Q: I love vegetables, except of tomatoes. ve I love vegetables other than tomatoes. arasındaki fark nedir?
A: Youre welcome!
Q: vegetable farming ve growing vegetable arasındaki fark nedir?
A: Brunot is correct, however there are some connotations (2nd meaning, hidden meaning) when using both phrases.

Vegetable farming gives me the impression that this person is doing it as a job, or he owns a big plot of land that can grow LOTS of vegetables. Vegetable farming will always make me think of growing vegetables on a BIG scale.

Growing vegetables can mean vegetable farming, but it gives me the impression that you may be growing a few vegetables, perhaps in a garden or in your backyard (because it's not big enough for you to call it 'farming').

Translations of "Vegetable"

Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? perfect let's make an Italian male.can you cut up the vegetables. I'll heat up the water for the past
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? do you want me use all the vegetables here
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? can you cut up the vegetables
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Bunu İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık) da nasıl dersiniz? vegetable
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? "the vegetable in the picture, : elephant leek, garlic chives, Persian chives?"
A: Garlic Chive,also known as broad leaf leek

Other questions about "Vegetable"

Q: I love eating all vegetables other than tomatoes and potatoes. bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: I would take out "all" because you have an exception.
I love eating vegetables, except for potatoes.
...and tomatoes are actually a fruit, although they are often called vegetables... :)
Q: We harvested vegetables in the farm, and barbecued and ate them there. bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: Instead of "in the farm," it should be "at the farm."
Q: "five vegetables"
Does this mean,
1. five types of vegetables e.g. onion, carrot, cucumber, capsicum and eggplant
2. five whole vegetables e.g. two onions and three carrots
3. could be either
A: It could be either
Q: What is this vegetable called in the US?
A: It looks like zucchini. But I'm not entirely sure.
Q: The vegetable is already stale and don't eat it. bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: "The vegetable is already stale so don't eat it."

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