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Q: unsuitable ve inappropriat ve improper arasındaki fark nedir?
A: He is unsuitable for marriage.
Her conduct in the office was inappropriate.
I couldn't do that, it would be improper.

I'm not sure what the exact differences are, but suitability refers the the object's fit for some purpose. Inappropriate and improper is more about social etiquette. Inappropriate is more general and you can use it in any setting. Improper is more formal and old fashioned, and it creates the feeling of a more high-class setting.
Q: unsuitable ve inappropriate arasındaki fark nedir?
A: @cicciocicogna1
Their match was unsuitable, they split up quickly.
Her outfit was unsuitable for the occasion/ the weather.

His joke about women was inappropriate.
Their loud behaviour at the church was inappropriate.

Something inappropriate is very negative and unacceptable, whereas unsuitable is more neutral and just means that two things don’t match each other or work together.

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Q: Why using 'requiring' is unsuitable?

Fill in the 'required (○)/ requiring (×)' information and click Submit.
A: Honestly, I have no idea why it's like this. "Required" is just the right way to say it in this case.

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