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Q: udder ne anlama geliyor?
A: It's where milk comes from on a cow's body. "Udder" and "utter" sound the same, so I'm not sure if you possibly meant "utter".

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Q: udder ve mammary gland arasındaki fark nedir?
A: An udder is an organ formed of two or four mammary glands on the females of dairy animals and ruminants such as cattle, goats, and sheep. ... The udder is a single mass hanging beneath the animal, consisting of pairs of mammary glands with protruding teats.

乳房は、乳牛や牛、山羊、羊などの反芻動物の雌の2つまたは4つの乳腺で形成される器官です。 ...乳房は、動物の下にぶら下がっている単一の塊であり、乳腺が突き出た乳腺のペアで構成されています。

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