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Q: Toki are one of the endangered animals in japan.

This is a sentence from a textbook.
Why is there no "s" in "Toki"?
A: When Japanese words are borrowed into English, they sometimes use the same form for singular and plural, without adding “s”.
Q: Toki populates places where the water and air is clean.

(Toki is a bird living in Japan.) bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: I don't know what Toki is but I if it's one specific bird named Toki you shouldn't use "populate". You could simply say "Toki lives in". Usually a species or a group of animals populates an area.
And it's not "is clean" but "are clean" because you're talking about two things.
Using the same logic you wouldn't say "You and I is", right? ^^

Toki lives in places where the water and air are clean.

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