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Q: I want to understand "Soness minds".
Could you explain it?Her TED Talk speach are below.

I said" I just can't talk to anyone.I can't be social."
and he asked me, "Why?" " I don't know, I guess I feel shame." "For what?" "Shame for losing our baby." "What's shame?" What's shame?! I'm thinking very loudly in my head
" Oh my goodness, Yuji, you might be Japanese but you lived in New Zealand for 17 years.How could you not know thb English word for shame?" " Well, shame means you feel like you did something wrong, like there's something wrong with me."
"Did you?" " Huh?" " Do you feel like you intentionally hurt the baby?" " No."
"Then what is it?" I just feel really really sad.
Then just feel sad.and I was in that moment, I felt the love, compassion, and acceptance, I'd never experienced before.
Without saying another word, I felt heard.
Why does she felt the love, compassion, and acceptance although she felt sad??
A: Your explanation helped me! I finally feel and understand her husband's love. Thank you!

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