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Q: getting ready is replaceble for by getting ready ? if so, what is the difference in terms of meaning !?
A: it's important to define your way of speaking, getting ready in advance, and practicing as much as you can using the same tools you will use on stage.

this actually has a slightly different meaning than if we said

it's important to the find your way of speaking by* getting ready in advance and practicing as much as you can using the same tools that you will use on stage.

I will try to explain as well as I can the difference between the two. the difference is that the two are treated as different steps in preparation. by using the word "by" you are essentially saying that defining your way of speaking comes because you are prepared in advance. when you don't have the word "by" it means that getting ready in advance is more general and refers to the entire preparation not just defining your way of speaking. basically the word by changes what "you are getting ready in advance." with by* it's just "your way of speaking" but without it the phrase "getting ready" is more general.

does that make sense?

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