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Q: questionaire ne anlama geliyor?
A: The person who asks the question.

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Q: According to a questionaire, there are more people who think they are well on the way to aging society.

Is this sentence correct?
A: “According to a questionnaire, there are more people who think they are well on the way to an aging society than those who don’t.” sounds better.
Q: Can you help me make a questionaire?

I wrote some questions in English for my questionaire.

Can you check if they sound natural?

Favorite food
Things you're good at
A comment

Thank you!
A: こんにちは!
"A comment" - the A is not necessary, Simply put "Comments" , not sure the nature of your questionnaire and the purpose of the survey, "Feedback" can also be used in some context.

Hometown is ok. Some people might put "Place of birth", but I guess place of birth cannot really reflects the meaning of "Hometown" , you can be born at a city while raised at another city as a "Home". again, depends on the nature of your questionnaire, if you are doing a population survey, "Hometown" will the become inappropriate cause in such survey it is more objective and based on actual facts, numbers.

Q: I need your help.. I would like you to do the questionaire. →
this is about Japanese English. Could you do me a favor?

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