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Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? ‎it's not qeustion i'm booooooring
A: Bored is an adjective that describes when someone feels
I am bored because I can't sleep.

Boring is an adjective that means something is not interesting
The party was boring. The game was boring

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Q: I have a quick qeustion about the use of the preposition 'To'

People say 'It is not to my taste' but is is ok to say 'It is not my taste?' instead?
A: "It's not to my taste" means it's not up to the standard they have for (something).
"That movie wasn't to my taste, it was too sad."

Without "to", "not my" would usually refer to (something) that isn't associated with (someone).
"It's not my coat."

Other ways to say it that make sense:

"It's not to my taste."
"It doesn't suit my tastes."
"It's not my cup of tea."

Hope this helps. : )

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