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Q: paucity ve scarcity ve shortage arasındaki fark nedir?
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I would say this is purely stating that there is very little of something without any reference to whether there is enough or not. "In the desert there is a paucity of red sand" ie there is not much red sand in this particular desert or there is less than in another desert but it is of no consequence, it's just an observation. This is similar to scarcity but slightly different as described below. It is used a lot less often than the other two words.

Means that there is very little of the thing referred to (ie it is scarce, similar to rare) but there is also a suggestion in the word that there is not enough of it. So it is a bit like "paucity" + "not enough", I would say. "There is a scarcity of green vegetation in the desert." You will often hear the concept of "scarcity mentality" such as in "they have a scarcity mentality" meaning they behave like they need to hoard lots of things such as food or other essential items believing there is not enough to go round for everyone.

Shortage simply means there is not enough of something. There could feasibly be quite a bit of the thing referred to but if the demand is greater than the supply then there will be a shortage. "There is a shortage of clean water in subsaharan Africa" - there may be a lot of it (ie it is not scarce, there is not a paucity of it) but if too many people need or want it, there will still be a shortage.

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Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? paucity
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Q: What does paucity mean? Is it a common word?

Do deficiency, devoid and insufficiency mean the same thing as paucity?
A: Paucity is closest in meaning to deficiency, meaning a distinct lack of something.
It is not a commonly used word, and is usually only used to describe a lack of resources in an area ; "Due to the paucity of medical facilities in the area, patients wait a long time to see a doctor."

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