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Q: orderly ne anlama geliyor?
A: In addition to the adverb atisardar01 is describing if it's used as a noun, "an orderly" can also mean "an attendant" or, more commonly, "a nurse" (often for older individuals in something like a nursing home). Think if it as "someone who tidies things up"
Q: You'll be bunking in the orderlies ' quarters. ne anlama geliyor?
A: "今からorderlies' quartersでねって"
orderlies' quartersは病院のナースの寮とか

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Q: orderly ve ordinary arasındaki fark nedir?
A: orderly = neat or organized
ordinary = average or usual

they are not similar in meaning
Q: orderly ve nurse arasındaki fark nedir?
A: an orderly is typically a hospital attendant having general, non medical duties. A nurse is a person formally educated and trained to provide care to the sick.

In my opinion, the word orderly is not common in American English when referring to healthcare staff.
Q: orderly ve janitor arasındaki fark nedir?
A: An orderly works in the hospital and they help the nurses.

A janitor cleans schools, inside buildings and public areas. They take the garbage out, clean toilets and sometimes they will small repairs like plumbing or electrical.

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