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Q: I am Nobuhiro takaoka. Please call me Takkee.
私は ノブヒロ タカオカ です。 タッケーと呼んでください。
My blood type is B.
I am from Katano in Osaka. Katano is so minor town that few Osaka people know where it is.
I am 19 years old. My birthday is January the 8th. I have the same birthday as Kim Jong Un.
I take a nap whenever I have time. I felt asleep on the train on my way home from university everyday.
I like reading books. I like books published by Kadokawa bunko.
My favorite author is Tomihiko Morimi. I love his novel such as Tatami Galaxy.
My favorite food is fried oysters.
My favorite color is red.
We are a family of four. I have one younger sister. My father, sister and I look very similar.
I am a freshman of Kobe university. I am belonging mechanical engineering of the faculty of engineering.
I am honest person. My philosophy in my life is to be sincere and delight.
My weakest point is that I am moody.
   I hope we can get along well.
Nice to meet you.

Are these sentences natural? 
A: I am from Katano, Osaka. Katano is a minor town, so few people in Osaka know where it is.

I fall asleep on the train everyday on my way home from the university.

I love his novels such as Tatami Galaxy.

I am a freshman at Kobe university, and I am in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (of the Faculty of Engineering.)

I am an honest person. My philosophy in life is to be sincere and kind (delightful).

Wow! You are really good at English!

That’s funny how you have the same birthday as Kim Jong Un heheh.

Is Tatami Galaxy really good?
I only know some manga, The Promised Neverland ( i really love this manga, I didn’t know it was popular) and Guru Guru Pon Chan (that was weird)

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