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Q: loudmouth ne anlama geliyor?
A: Loudmouth has too meanings.
1) Someone who talks too much, usually in a crude and offensive way. Someone who talks constantly about everything. It doesn't mean talking in a loud volume.
2) Someone who can't keep a secret or accidentally reveals a secret. "I was planning a surprise party for my wife, but some loudmouth told her about it."

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Q: What does a loudmouth person do?
A: It is slang for someone who speaks too loudly, speaks too much, and speaks their opinion when perhaps they shouldn't. A person who speaks when they should choose to remain silent.
Q: A "loudmouth" is a person who talks to people about secrets, etc or someone who talks about himself or herself in order to impress people by exaggerating certain aspects of themselves?
A: It's more like a person who talks a lot and says lots of stupid things.

Both of the things you mentioned could contribute to someone being a loudmouth, though.

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