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Q: KK lol ne anlama geliyor?
A: KK - Okay
lol/LOL- Laugh Out Loud

It's slang for text messaging.

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Q: now,KK, when he designed his system,
he also Decided to make a distinction between uh...{} vowel.
We haven't learned this term.
Some people say rhotic. Some people say rhotic,
I think, I say rohtic, but it sounds funny when you say a rhotic,
don't think it's anything....Anything improper.
Could you correct what I misheard, missed, or punctuated incorrectly?
I'm transcribing the teacher's class recording.
A: "Now, KK, when he designed his system, he also decided to make a distinction between a rhotacized vowel."
Q: The KK (KK phonetic symbol) /e/ witch [] for /eI/ (IPA phonetic symbol ).
I'm transcriping the teacher's class recording to learn English.
Could you correct that I Misheard or Missed or the wrong segmenting?
A: "which" not "witch", and she says "which stood for /ei/" other than that it's perfect!
Q: Could you give a KK Phonetic symbols?
A: If I understand the question correctly, English doesn't use two K sounds in a row. You certainly could create a phonetic character and maybe IPA does have one for a language that does use the sound, I honestly don't know. The IPA phonetic character for the English K/C sound is K.
Q: ‎The KK for song is [sɔŋ] or [sʌŋ]?
A: the first variant

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