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Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? can ironer be used as job?
A: If it is someone who does ironing for a living, then yes "ironer" can be used for a job. But it would only be if ironing is the main part of the job. That would be perfect for that meaning.

Sometimes ironing is part of another job, like someone who does laundry and then also irons the clothing after it is clean, might be called a "launderer" or "laundress" [female launderer]. Because laundering the clothing is the main job, and ironing it is just a small part of that process.

Or for someone who is hired to clean a house, and do all of the tasks that are needed to keep the household functioning, like a maid or a housekeeper, etc. They might also do some ironing while working, but it is not their main job. So their job title is something else like 'housekeeper' etc. And ironing is just one of the many different tasks that they take care of.

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