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Q: ik you're gay for me ne anlama geliyor?
A: This is a informal, funny phrase XD!

And usually it means “I know you’re in love with me”

Just it’s an alternative, more slang way of saying it. And it usually is used by people with the same gender
Q: are you ik? ne anlama geliyor?
“Are you ok?”

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Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? ik keek er vroeger naar
A: I used to look at it
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? main ik din bht successful banunga
A: I will become very successful one day. (I think, my Hindi needs work.😂)
Q: Bunu İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık) da nasıl dersiniz? ik mint yaha ana
A: come here, one second
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? ik ben verliefd en ik weet het
A: I'm in love and I know it ;)
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? ik vind dit heel eng
A: I find this very scary

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Q: ik will je bedenken voor alle jouw hulp! bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: ik wil u bedanken voor al uw hulp! (formal)

ik wil je bedanken voor al jouw hulp (informal)

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