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Q: 그는 "광주는 총기를 들고 일어난 하나의 폭동이야. 그런데 계엄상황에서 계엄군이 진압하지 않을 수 없잖아." 라는 발언으로 많은 비난을 받았습니다.

He said "Gwangju incident is just one of riots that citizen armed. Then, soliders cannot help but keeping down it in martial law."
So he was criticized by many people.

Is that natural?
A: It's a little unnatural here is how you can say it-
He said, "Gwangju is a riot that took place with a firearm. But in a martial law situation, the martial law forces cannot but suppress it." I received a lot of criticism for saying that.

hope this helps^^

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