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Q: Geothermal energy, pure nationally produced energy, is not easily affected by the international situation and can bring about a stable supply.
↑Does it sound natural?
A: Yes, it is fine.
Q: Geothermal energy is a replenishable source. bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: yes! your pronunciation is great too!
Q: Geothermal energy probably will not make large-scale contributions to the world energy budget inutile well into the twenty-first century, if ever.
What's the meaning of "well" and "if ever" in this sentence?
A: "well into" = a significant distance or a significant degree.

"if ever" = there is doubt about whether something will ever actually happen

Geothermal energy probably won't contribute much until we are pretty far into the 21st century (and I have doubts that it will ever contribute much).

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