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Q: I'd give my firstborn to not be able to have children ne anlama geliyor?
A: This is actually a really funny joke! I've never heard it before, but I'll try to explain.

"I'd give my firstborn for X" is an expression that means "I really want X." It's the same thing as saying "I'd give anything for X." Because your firstborn child is very valuable, if you would trade your firstborn for X, then X must also be very valuable.

So "I'd give my firstborn to not be able to have children" means "I really don't want to be able to have children."

But the expression doesn't make sense, because in order to trade your firstborn, you need to have a child! So it's impossible to "give your firstborn to not be able to have children." This impossibility is where the humor lies.

I hope that made sense!

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Q: firstborn ve baby arasındaki fark nedir?
A: Firstborn refers to the first baby.

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Q: I think that firstborn children has the fewest advantage because they are born into environment of high expectations. It means they can’t disappoint their parents. And also, they need to lead their siblings by good example, so they can’t do anything what they want to do as well as other siblings.

I’m sure it is hassle to correct them, but would you mind correcting them?
A: I think firstborn have fewer advantages because there is a high expectation of them. They can't disappoint their parents. They also need to be a good example for their younger siblings and because of that they can't do what they want.

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