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Q: "et" in "Nice little device to replace paper and posit note in the family. Simple et well designed." ne anlama geliyor?
A: It's a typo. They meant "yet".
Q: who et which ne anlama geliyor?
A: Qui et lequel
Q: et all ne anlama geliyor?
A: = and others
es una frase latina antigua (romana)
Q: et cetera ne anlama geliyor?
A: Often written as "etc".
Q: "et al" ne anlama geliyor?
A: Etc maybe? It's from the Latin language...

Example sentences using "Et"

Q: « Either » et m’expliquer la signification du mot svp . Can you explain to me what does « either » mean and give me some exemples please. ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: conjunction · adverb
used before the first of two (or occasionally more) alternatives that are being specified (the other being introduced by “or”).
"either I'll accompany you to your room, or I'll wait here"

2. used to indicate similarity or link with a statement just made.
"You don't like him, do you? I don't either"

determiner · pronoun
one or the other of two people or things.
"there were no children of either marriage"
Q: « tho » et comment l’utiliser svp ? Hello, what does « tho » mean and how to use it please ? ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: I like ice cream but I rather not eat it because it has too many calories.
It’s been my honor to serve the community and though I’m not an alumnus, I consider myself a lifelong Lancer.
Don't bother putting it back in the box but you can give them the box though.
Q: « till » et comment l’utiliser svp ? Hi, what does « till » mean and how to use it please ? ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: 'Till' is short for 'until'.

'Till I see you again.

'Till next time.

From morning 'till night.
Q: until et since ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: I have lived in Paris since 2014.
Q: say et tell ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: Are you asking for examples with "say and tell" or "show and tell"?

Synonyms of "Et" and their differences

Q: et. al. ve etc. arasındaki fark nedir?
A: et al. is for people and etc. is for things.
The study was conducted by Johnson et al.
I like most fruits. Apples, bananas, oranges etc.
Q: et al ve etc arasındaki fark nedir?
A: "et al" means "and others". Usually there's a predefined list that would be included in "et al". For example, the other authors or editors of an article.

Meanwhile, "etc." doesn't limit itself to some sort of predefined group. It's simply used to indicate that a list could have more items if you were to continue giving examples. It means the same thing as "and so forth". Also, I don't think you can use "etc." for people
Q: Although ve though et thought arasındaki fark nedir?
A: From:

As conjunctions, although and though are interchangeable. Although is generally considered more formal than though, though both forms appear regularly in both formal and informal writing.

Though is also an adverb, meaning however or nevertheless. In this sense, though is not interchangeable with although, which is only a conjunction.

And in these examples, though is an adverb and hence not interchangeable with although:

This weekend, though, theaters were packed. [Los Angeles Times]

There was another twist to come, though, as Pavlyuchenkova defied her flagging fortunes to win three games in succession. [Independent]

In fact, “though” came before “although.” In the 1300s, before “although” became one word, it was two words —“all” and “though”— with the “all” there to add emphasis to “though (5, 6).”

Finally, "thought" is a noun or a verb and though spelled similarly to "though" it is pronounced quite differently.
Example: I thought about going to the movies even though I still hadn't finished my homework. (as a verb)
Example: A thought occurred to me while I was doing my homework; I should go to the movies! (as a noun)

Translations of "Et"

Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? « Rez-de-chaussée » et « premier étage »
A: Ça dépend du pays:

Au niveau de la rue:

États-Unis / Canada: first floor
Royaume-Uni: ground floor


Un étage au-dessus de la rue:

États-Unis / Canada: second floor
Royaume-Uni: first floor
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? Tout et n’importe quoi
A: "anything and everything"
Q: Bunu İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık) da nasıl dersiniz? et al.
A: If the information is helpful. Please vote me a crown icon.
Q: Bunu İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık) da nasıl dersiniz? Plâtre et enduit
A: Plaster and coating
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? "et j'en passe!"
A: I'll pass

Other questions about "Et"

Q: Lütfen bana nasıl telaffuz edeceğimi öğret without et thunder.
A: without, thunder.
Q: et nous prouve bien la necessité d'organisation pareil bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: And proves to us the need for similar organization
Q: and so on
and the like
et cetera
and all that stuff
and all that jazz
and stuff like that

which ones out of them are obsolete? or at least uncommon?
A: and all that jazz.... i think 😁
Q: how can I read 'e.t.c'?? et cetera?? when I have to read a book to others how should I pronounce that??
A: @Jiduchris-park: @Jiduchris-park:

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