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Q: dwelled on his words ne anlama geliyor?
A: Sure!
"Dwell" has a few meanings.
1. It can mean to live somewhere:
"The kangaroo dwells in the Australian Outback"
"Country folk understand things about nature that city dwellers never will."
2. It can mean to spend a long time somewhere:
"He dwelled in the hallway all afternoon."
3. It can refer to thoughts, emotions, or values that people hold permanently or for an extended period of time:
"Fear of the ogre dwelled in the hearts of the villagers."
4. Sometimes it is used in a religious context like this:
"The Lord dwells in the hearts of his children"
5. When used with "on" it can be used to talk about someone's (usually) negative emotional state, like the example you asked about.
Q: dwelled ne anlama geliyor?
A: lived in

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