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Q: doggy, doggie ne anlama geliyor?
A: 귀여운 투로 강아지를 나타내는 용어입니다. 스펠링은 중요하진 않습니다
Q: What does doggy mean
Does it have any sexual significance??
What did the words represent? ne anlama geliyor?
A: "doggy" could mean the position people do when they do sexual intercourse
Q: doggy person ne anlama geliyor?
A: 😂i completely forgot that dodgy existed sorry!
But you can say something is/has been dog-ied/doggied which means its messed up and not looking neat or presentable
Q: doggy bag ne anlama geliyor?
A: At restaurants if the meal is to large to finish a person can take it home in a disposable dish or a doggy bag, so they can eat it later or give it to the pet "doggy".
Q: a doggy bag ne anlama geliyor?
A: A doggy bag is what they call a "leftovers" bag in restaurants. When you can't finish your meal and want to take the rest to finish it later, you ask for a doggie bag.

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Q: can I have a doggy bag? ile örnek cümleler göster.
A: if we went to a restaurant she would always ask for a doggy bag.

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Q: doggy ve pooch arasındaki fark nedir?
A: @duckman
Thank you for the explanation 🐶

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Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? “He(doggy) never get any worn out.”
“He never get exhausted.”
“Finally he get exhausted.”
As I know Boder collie is never get any exhausted today I found out that’s true.
:all sentence is natrual?
A: “He never gets worn out”
“He never gets exhausted”
“Finally, he’s exhausted
“ or “He’s finally exhausted”
Q: Bunu İngilizce (Birleşik Krallık) da nasıl dersiniz? doggy
A: 狗=dog
Q: Bunu İngilizce (ABD) da nasıl dersiniz? かわい子ちゃん(like I want to post my doggy on instagram and introduce her...)
A: "Cutie", you could introduce your puppy saying something such as "This is my puppy, shes such a cutie!"

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Q: When I did a doggy style I found a pimple on her butt. bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: OK. Just. Why the actual fuck. Do I really have to correct a sentence like this. I. You know what. OK. I guess there won't be a lot of people willing to translate sentences like this, so I'll take the incentive.

"Did a doggy style" sounds off. You need to phrase it differently, like "when we did it doggystyle".
There should also be a comma between "style" and "I".

Q: How do you ask a doggy bag not saying "doggy bag" at like a casual restaurant?
A: Can I get this to go?
Can I get a to go box for this?
Q: "I need to doggy bag. I will eat this at home." bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: @philoin88 "I need a doggy bag, I will eat this at home."
Q: Would you give me a doggy bag, please? bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: Sounds fine
Q: I'd like a doggy bag to take all left over here away. bu doğru görünüyor mu?
A: "I'd like a doggy bag to take all the leftover here"

I agree with kinaiii. You can say "to-go box"

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