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Q: in absentia ne anlama geliyor?
A: @andyliu520

It means that someone was not present or at somewhere being talked about.

The two criminals will de discussed about in absentia.

It means we will talk about these two criminals while they are not here.

I honestly never heard of this word. I personally would not use it.

In absentia comes from the word absent.

It means away from.

The man was absent from work because he was sick.

absent is a useful word, in absentia is not.

this word is probably only known by a few thousand people.

Q: absentia ne anlama geliyor?
A: In absentia, legal term for someone who is not present

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Q: What does " charged in absentia" (7th paragraph) mean?

"We have been told by prison authorities that Huong will be freed on May 3," lawyer Salim Bashir told AFP.

"Huong is in a jovial mood. The young woman is expected to be immediately flown to Hanoi."

Last month the charge against co-accused 27-year-old Indonesian suspect Siti Aisyah was dropped.

During the women's long-running trial which began in October 2017, the court was shown CCTV footage of them approaching Kim as he waited for flight, one of them placing their hands on his face, and then both of them running to bathrooms before fleeing the airport.

But the pair always maintained they were innocent pawns in a plan hatched by North Korea and believed they were carrying out pranks for a reality TV show.

The women would have been sentenced to death by hanging if convicted of murder.

The women's lawyers said the real masterminds were four North Koreans who were seen at the airport on the day of the murder meeting the pair, and who fled after the assassination. The four were charged in absentia along with the women over the killing.

"Obviously Huong deserves this freedom after her long incarceration. She is looking forward to being with her family and friends," her lawyer Salim said.
A: Absentia means - in (the) absence.

The person who is subject to during the trial is not present. Therefore, the four North Koreans were absent/not present during the trial.

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